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2 Years Of Communion After Dark - NEW PODCAST NOW UP

Can't get enough Castle music? Join the Communion and listen online.

Every Monday Communion After Dark Radio brings an hour of the latest music from the realms of EBM, dark electro, synth pop, goth and power noise. Based in Tampa, Florida, the show is hosted by DJ Mark Paradise (of Ybor City’s dark electro club The Castle), DJ Bryant Griffin and DJ Tom Gold (Resident DJ of The Castle).

Monday, March 1, 2010: Special 2nd Anniversary Show, extended edition! Communion After Dark spins new music from Portion Control, De/Vision, Mind.In.A.Box, In Strict Confidence and more.

Listen or download us for free s now at iTunes:

or play us on our site's music player:

On this weeks show:
01_"Relapse," by Portion Control from the album Violently Alive
02_"Years Of Wasted Time," by Access Zero from the album Living In Transition
03_"Warped (Enzeit Attack)," by Neikka RPM from the compilation Endziet Bunkertacks Vol. 5
04_"I Surrender," by In Strict Confidence from the album La Parade Monstrueuse
05_"Mandriods," by De/Vision from the album Popgeaur
06_"Go Home (Mesmer's Eyes remix)," by Corporate Soldiers from a digital download
07_"Adrenaline Rush 2010," by Leaether Strip from the album Retention Vol. 4
08_"Body Flow (Aesthetic Perfection remix)," by Interface from the EP Body Flow
09_"Abwarts," by Unheilig from the album Grosse Freiheit
10_"Vertige," by Ad Inferna from the album Trance :N: Dance
11_"Dance In Heaven," by !Distain from the album Anthology 1992-2010
12_"Addicted To The Night," by Blutengel from the album Soultaker
13_"Timeless Sensations," by Electro Synthetic Rebellion from the album Wounds And Scars
14_"Weitergehen," by Cryo from the album Hidden Aggression
15_"Popmusik Fur Rohrleger," by Patenbrigade: Wolff from the album Baustoff [Popmusik Fur Rohrleger]
16_"A Silvered Freeze," by The Synthetic Dream Foundation from the album Mechanical Serpent
17_"Me I Disconnected From You," by God Module from the EP The Magic In My Heart Has Died
18_"8 Bits," by Mind.In.A.Box from the album Retro
19_"Hass Un Leibe," by Eco from the album Hass Un Leibe
20_"Shortwired," by Grendel from the EP Chemicals + Circuitry
21_"Severed Head (Kommor Kommando mix)," by Suicide Commando from the album Implements Of Hell
22_"Pouki Toi," by AD:keY from the album Thema Nummer Eins
23_"Beneath The Stars," by Rotersand from the album Random Is Resistance
24_"Happy Birthday," by Samsas Traum from the album 13 Jahre Lang Dagegen Anti Bis Zum Tod


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